Combining fixed returns and capital appreciation

About Us

The Hermione Fund is a Cayman domiciled, open-ended investment fund which aims to provide a consistent yield for institutional investors, family offices, wealth managers and high net worth clients while achieving significant capital appreciation from the underlying assets.

The fund was launched to capitalise on the blend of investment sourcing, due diligence, asset management and asset raising skill-sets possessed by the fund’s advisoryteam.

The fund combines this extensive investment experience, the visionary thinking of its board, a rigorous investment approach, thorough risk management and comprehensive industry connections in order to offer investors a differentiated fund with a distinct competitive edge.


Unique Investment Proposition

The Hermione Fund gives institutional investors, family offices, wealth managers and high net worth clients an opportunity gain exposure to a portfolio of wellresearched, conviction-led, differentiated and diversified investment opportunities which blend fixed returns with the potential for significant capital uplift.

Investment strategy

The fund invests in a mix of asset classes, mainly equity and fixed income but may also invest in derivatives. Within these asset classes the fund achieves diversification by allocating to a number of countries and sectors as well as combining a varying liquidity profile. The fund is nimble and able to change the type and level of diversification over time in anticipation of changes to the investment environment and shifting opportunity sets.

Investment Information

• Fixed income and equity investments (both public and private) in special situations, Pre-IPO and IPO opportunities
• Liquidity via cash and near cash investments
• Diversified by asset class, sector, geography and liquidity profile
• Investment cycle of 3-5 years


Robust Due Diligence

The Hermione Fund uses a structured and detailed evaluation process which helps
mitigate investment risk and aids in the construction of the portfolio.

• Thorough research conducted on all investments
• Must meet key individuals from all proposed investment cases
• Clear investment thesis for each position along with target price and exit strategy

Risk Management

The Hermione Fund takes a considered approach to risk management. Investment
risk is considered from both market and liquidity perspectives.

• The fund selects positions with appropriate risk/reward characteristics
• Each position assessed within the context of the portfolio’s target objectives
• Concentration and possible correlations between investments considered
• Diversification achieved through the recycling of capital and sourcing new
opportunities which span asset classes, geographies and sectors
• Underlying investments exhibit different liquidity profiles
• Allocation to cash and near cash instruments

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